Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Credit Worthiness Is Not Directly Proportional to Character

I write this following a rather heated conversation I had this morning regarding credit scores. I once attended a course on Marriage at a local church and the pastor\teacher of this course maintained that one should consider the credit score of their intended and if said intended does not have "good" credit that you should not marry them.

I thought this was a crock of simmering kaka because credit can be rebuilt but a person who is willfully beligerent, vindicative, mean hateful or any other horrible human affliction of the mind or spirit is far worse than a tarnished credit record. My friend then rattled off a litany of statistical data to support that financial issues is the reason that marriages fail. Well, I submit that if a couple can't weather a financial rough spot or season then money is not the "real" issue. The real issue would then be honesty, integrity or trust (someone lied about spending or stashing cash or perhaps one partner doesn't trust the decisions the other makes)

I had to remind my dear friend that I unfortunately know a few unseemly woman who will do whatever they need to do to pay the electric bill or car note on time lest they ruin their hard earned credit rating. So, these types of women or men I'd venture to say are on no higher moral, ethical or socially responsible ground then the individual who take the credit ding but holds on to their virtue. Also, all credit problems do not stem from living above and beyond one's means sometime you just don't have the money on the day the bill is due because life happens.


  1. Some people through no fault of their own find themselves in this situation. That is the stupidest advice to give someone. Watch how diligent that person is to get their finances in order. I can understand a criminal background check if those want to go that route. You never know why a credit score is bad.

  2. "...credit can be rebuilt but a person who is willfully beligerent, vindicative, mean hateful or any other horrible human affliction of the mind or spirit is far worse than a tarnished credit record." (CBW)
    Absolutely true.

    Certainly fiscal matters show a propensity for either discipline or recklessness, or perhaps better put, maturity or immaturity, but they don't, in and of themselves, reveal character, any more than net worth does.

    There are many well-heeled people who are despicable and miserable characters in every way.

    YOU should've been teaching that course on Marriage, as you obviously have your priorities in better order than the person teaching it.

    Great post.

  3. Great arguement and counter arguement! The Pastor is attempting to equate responsibility and good stewardship with a credit score. Well there are alot of rich people who got rich alot of bad ways including swindling poor folks. Think about how many real estate apartment owners raised the rent on poor folks when the building is just a dump? They gained wealth and enjoyed all the benefits but they still are doing evil.
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    Mista Jaycee

  4. Amen! You broke that down pretty well - i have heard the same message in church many a day.

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