Monday, November 17, 2008

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Check out Christopher Chamber's Post over at Nat Turner's Revenge. I can't say any better than he did or his readers in their comments. But I will say, uppity they are not, just bad examples of black womanhood (and one bad example of white womanhood for good measure).


  1. Getting ready to read the blog entry.

    The link has http://http// which causes an error. Deleting the second http// fixes the problem.

  2. I do not have cable TV right now. When I read that this problem airs on Bravo I knew the program would be a piece of trash. I had cable long ago when Bravo was first added to the cable lineup. I quit watching the channel because of the garbage aired. I'm sure it is way worse in 2008.

    I have not had cable for almost three years. I will probably leave it out of my budget. Too much garbage for the price.

  3. Thanks Pamela. I have fixed the problem with the hyperlink.

  4. I have too many brain cells and too little patience to even watch the program to comment on it ... What in the world were they doing on their hands and knees??!! Money does not an uppity negress make, and class can never be bought.